How can I refer a friend to add her property?

T Stankovic 5 years ago

I would like to do this as well but it's not working for some reason. If you go to OPPORTUNITY CENTER there is a link to click on to take you to the referral link. But for some reason my link takes me nowhere so I'm not sure what is happening. Maybe yours will work?

Mary Zabala12 5 years ago

same exact sentiment here. I sent a message to customer service but they cant help me either.

Yvonne E07 5 years ago

I also had issues with Refer a Friend, so phoned Booking.com and followed their advice, a link presented itself and I sent it to my friend. She used that to register and once she had had several bookings I enquired about our commission free, only to be told we did not use the correct link. I have phoned several times, sent a copy of the email that was sent to my friend with “try this link and see if it gets you through”. I get the same response back, you did not use the correct link, yet they can see the link I sent onOctober 1 and my friend then registered, on October 4 she got her first booking. Of course now that I have spent so much time on it I can clearly see the correct link was not sent but it is obvious that I recommended her and she registered it. Why can we not speak to someone rather than getting these generic emails back without using commonsense. I do also note that they offer 5 free stays commission free but their is a maximum figure of $340 so not sure where they get the 5 free commission stays from.

I can clearly see that the link was not the. Or react one