How to display additional fees that change during the year.

Hello- my property that I have listed is in a gated community that has some extra fees for guests. These fees are slightly complicated and change based on time of year, number of guests, and amenities that they want to use. I cannot find an effective way on Booking.com to communicate these extra fees, because they do not follow a simple $XXX/day. Can anyone suggest how I could change listing to make sure guests are aware of these fees? I am concerned that guests are booking the property without realizing they are going to incur other fees, which are mandatory during certain seasons but not during others. Thank you.

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

Hi Josh

Yes this is going to be a new feature from April first, see your inbox news to you. (with extra for host to pay too)

But I don't think the idea is created for flexible settings the way you would like it.

Great idea though.

And then people have to pay the extra's when checking out?

It would be handy if this all can be done at the time of booking and you as hosts just have to click on your choice of button to add suitable charge and done.

Haven't seen that yet, or am I not informed well?

All in all a good idea to request to BDC as an upgraded version of booking.

Hope you're getting great guests and season


Aaltje B.