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how do I edit the "Bed adding price"?? help please!

hi, friends, any one know that how to edit the "Bed adding price" at the extranet control panel please, I added the "extra bed adding price" when I was creating a double room listing. However, after that, I couldn't find any option any button available on the website to edit the "extra bed adding fee", please help! please see attached screen shots, thank you so much.

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Thuild - Your … 4 years ago

Hello Fay,

You need to do that in your Policies section, not the calendar.

That's where you need to end up to set it up.


Zsolt -

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Leahshunter 4 years ago

I have 4 rooms, one cannot accommodate an extra bed, the other 3 can. Unfortunately, I have to choose all or none.

Pranav Bachal 3 years ago

I can not update my Extra bed option! ( If you want to set up extra bed policies, indicate where extra beds are available first.)

How do I make it available to me?