How do I list an attraction?

Hello! I just registered on booking.com and found how to list a property but nothing about how to list an attraction (excursions etc). Could you please help me?

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago

Hi Tatiana Lebedeva, welcome to the Booking.com Partner Community! 

I'm happy to share some information with you on how listing attractions on our site work:

Joining our Attractions offer is through Musement and/or Viator. All our inventory is supplied by them.

Kindly note that there is no guarantee in a venue joining Musement/Viator’s inventory and automatically being displayed on our site. These details need to be discussed between the venue and supplier (Musement/Viator). 

I hope this helps!

Thea Herzig 11 months ago

Hi there,

As this post is from one year ago I wanted to check-in if Musememtn and Viator are still the only partners that booking.com uses to list activities and experiences?

I have heard that Klook has been added as well. Is this true and are there any others potentially?


Natasha Eames 10 months ago

Just following up to see if this information is still relevant as it was posted over a year ago now. 

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Didem - Commun… 7 months ago

Dear All,

Thank you for your questions here! 

To add a tour or attraction on our site you need to go directly to our suppliers i.e. Musement, Klook and/or Viator where all our inventory is sourced.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will be listed on Musement/Viator, or that your activity will automatically appear on our site. You can contact these two providers (Musement/Viator) for more information.

I hope this information is useful. Have a great day!

Josephine 5 months ago

I get two different answers. I contacted Viator and this is their reply:

Through the partnership with Booking.com, products classified within Viator as ‘excellent’ are eligible to appear on their site however it would still be up to the partner site or Bookin.com to choose your product to appear on their website.


I understand that you want to show your product on their site. As much as we loved to Booking.com will decide if they will offer your product.

So I'm still curious how to do it...