How does it usually take Booking.com to review a new property

How does it usually take Booking.com to review a new property


Kindly tell me how does it usually take Booking.com to review a property after my  property register? 

"We are reviewing your property Please be aware, your property won’t be shown on the site instantly. The team at Booking.com is currently reviewing your property details to make sure that everything is ready before it goes on the site. We will send you an email letting you know when we’re done."

BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi The Pearl Lodge


it can be anything from hours to days typically. I have seen others say they are waiting weeks. Only difference I saw was region and country. For me in Ireland it was I think a few days, maybe 3.


I think what helps is having your ducks in a row before you submit any form or info. Also going back over setup info etc make sure no typos, and things match where they need to.


You can review and monitor status by going to the dashboard, then once its complete. There is usually a button on the first dashboard view you click to make the listing live.


Kind regards, happy new year.



The Pearl Lodge 3 years ago

Thanks for reply 


I have create 3 property but all are still on review. Its goes 2 month can any body tell me what is the issue

La Maison 3 months ago

more than 10 days and my property is still on review, how long does it take normally, and is there anything i have to do to make it fast ?