Hi all, I'm just joined Booking.com and i don't know how to open celendar so people can see and booking us. 

Also i want to ask about promotions, boosting my place to attract more guest improve our rate

Thank you all


BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi fellow homestay, 


Some lessons I learned quickly. 

1. Dont worry or set any discounts yet.

2. Dont try to list on multiple services, as shared calendar, does not work, I.e. sync is not reliable,  no really just dont do it.


3. In your auto messages put in,

A. Set homestay realistic expectations for guest and remind them it is not a b&b nor hotel.

B.  Google map directions short url

C. Concise, succinct house rules, policies.

D. Ask politely for feedback after departure but must only be constructive with details in order to improve and remediate.

E. Add a header or footer statement saying your rules and policies are subject to change. By making this reservation you are agreeing to these and may not breach these conditions.

F. Ask for all incidents, issues to be reported via the booking app on smart phone or via their email which can reply to the reservation email which is then sent to your inbox, booking.com inbox and via sms.


G. Communication . Strongly recommend they install the booking.com smart phone app. This auto translates, and covers you later as a reference point should they chance their arm like making a false complaint; leaving unconstructive rating with bad feedback with no details.



I use yale keyless smart lock with Samsung smartthings v3 hub , and the smart things classic app to manage booking reservation access.


I use the last x digits of the reservation number.

This is in the auto messages generically with a url to an unlisted youtube video on an example of how to use.


Perhaps try making a smart phone youtube recording as a walkthrough from approaching the property,  how to enter, where to go for rooms, bathroom, kitchen etc.

Kind Regards