how to open rooms

how to open rooms? my property looks fully booked and the tutorial advising how to open rooms is not serving the rooms are not being updated and i cant understand why. Please help me

Arpana chendke 5 years ago

U can go on extranet n then on calendar update u can daily update it as your needs so people attract towards you home stay

Inactive user
5 years ago

If you have Pulse app on mobile phone its preety simple. Go to availability, then click on that date if is full it will be blue dot under that day number and you will see - 0 + in down raw. It means that you are full for that day. Just click on + (it means to add space of avaiability on that date) and on question click ok

Tony Shold 5 years ago

I use the Pulse app through booking. Com.
It's quick and simple.
Good luck.

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Lindiewhite143 5 years ago

@David S and Tony Shold Thanks, Pulse was the quickest and easiest solution after more than an hours struggling with the Extranet.

Waterfrontkep 5 years ago

OUr property has been closed temporarily for repair so I closed the calendar. Now I wish to open it again, by going to rates/availability and clicking open/close, selecting all and clicking on either of the update buttons, but it doesn't do anything. So our property looks like it can't be booked at present, I've sent two emails via the extranet and called the partner number - which has cost me about $10 - only to get cut off while holding. We need this sorted asap as we are now losing business every day this continues. Any one had the same issues?

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Rita 5 years ago

I have been running against this problem several times. The way to fix this is not really logic so you have to re-learn every time. The help feature is not useful at all. The guide I downloaded is of no use. It talks about a calendar & pricing which is not shown at all. Anyone able to help?

Yabbath Dt 5 years ago

I'm having the exact same problem, I bulk edit. The rooms look open, but an hour later they are closed again. I try to click on the tabs by day, and change each one from open to closed, an hour later it closes.

I've contacted booking.com help they say it isnt closed, that its open, but even when you search as a customer it states rooms unavailable already booked.

So frustrating, we also are losing potential customers, its difficult enough at this time of year, any ideas please as to how to resolve this?