How to pay invoices by direct debit or online payment

Can someone help me set up online payment or direct debit for my invoices payment to booking.com 

As for me it is difficult to do a bank transfer


BrookAve 4 years ago



Its simple go to finance section, and add your SEPA bank info for debits.


Or from same get BDC info and add them as a Payee, so then you can manually do it on your phone or internet bank app. 


Kind regards

asif khan 4 years ago

Thank You Barry

I cant seem to find where to enter the SEPA or BDC information in the finance section, can you please explain exactly where this information is to be entered.

Thank you and appreciate your assistance

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Dear asif khan! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Unfortunately, not all countries have an option of Direct debit. But you still can have an option to pay your invoices online.


Please go to "Finance" tab on your Extranet and choose "Financial overview", scroll to the bottom of the page - on the right you will see the button to contact Credit Control department via email. Please use this button to request the online payment option for your invoices, they will be happy to assist you.


Best regards! 

asif khan 4 years ago

Yes there is a button on bottom left to contact the finance department. I have already sent a message on that a couple of times but no response.