How to prevent last-second & last-minute bookings?

We would like to prevent last-minute and last-second bookings (after a mad scramble today). This setting is easy to find on competitor sites but I had to hunt for it here. I found that on the Calendar page if you expand the Standard Rate dropdown on the left it opens a view for Minimum Length of Stay and Minimum Advance Reservation. Both are empty/null/X. I can't find a way to edit it, and when I roll over the dates I get a red circle with a line through it.

We are using a channel manager (Lodgify). Do we need to go through them to make the change?


Deborahjhendricks 5 years ago

Did you get an answer to this as i still get last minute bookings when i need two days notice. Havent figured out how to set this up. Thanks, Debbie