How to verify apartments without street numbers


I would like to ask for help. I have two apartments for rental in Siracusa Italy. Unfortunately in my building apartments do not have numbers. There only street address. Two times I have ordered verification code and unfortunately both times it did not arrived. I was waiting about 30 days before ordering second one. Other mail like gas bills is coming to me without problems. After 14 days waiting I have contacted with kind question to verify my properties alternatively. It is beginning of August most important period in this business.  Before one of my apartments was listed and bookable but another was blocked. I could live with that. But I wanted like to solve this problem according to rules and asked to contact me to find another way to verify my address. But in reaction Booking blocked my both apartments. Nobody can book them through Booking.com. So this is my experience with Booking.com verification process. BTW I was about to receive Genius partnership. 
Please answer me with some solution. 

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fluff 5 years ago

What is the system in the block to tell one apartment from the other?

Could you simlpy head your address with something like;

"Apt. 2nd flr/3rdRight" ?

Adrian Szumski 5 years ago

It is old palace from 17 century, my apartment are on second floor. Previously it was one large apartment but owner separated two separate apartments. So there is one entrance to both apartments. On 2nd floor there is another apartment. So still address for both apartments would be Apt 2nd Floor/ 1st Right.