I can't joing Booking

Impossible to join booking by mail or phone

I sent a mail no answer and try to call them and it is impossible there is a problem on their call service

Can I have an answer please

La maison des lagunes

BrookAve 3 years ago




The straight answer is to be patient and manage realistic expectations , considering the current climate and times we live in. 

i.e. BdC are inundated with requests, so queue on phone or waiting on a message reply will likely take longer.


Note this is not a direct line to BdC support nor Finance teams.

This is Partner Community only.


If you are a new registration, then all you can do is use the Help /Partner Help section above and the Contact Us at bottom of every page.Contact us


Ideally if you give specifics on your actual sign up questions , we may be able to demystify , assist, where you are stuck at.



Kind Regards ,Be Safe, Be Well