I hace overbooking in my apartment and i do not Knowles hoy to proceed

Please i need help. I could not sincronice my different calendars and i have a 1 night overbooking. I am new at this and i need help to know what can i do.thank you so much

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Raquel Carrasco Noguer


Welcome to the "Two Way iCal-sync is not reliable Club".


A quick search on here for calendar sync would have quickly told you , unless you use a 3rd party Channel Manager, you should not use iCAL.


iCAL normally is only available when your OTA  setup on extranet has only 1 room per room type. If more the options will never appear.


Even when it does appear and you do the setup, it will never auto sync on changes.

That is just not how iCAL works. There always have to be an initiator service.



This is where a Channel Manager comes in handy, such as nobeds, cloudsbeds.





Kind Regards


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