I want to shut my partner account

After 2 days of help and worst situation ever trying to get my problem solved. You can’t ring me back cause it rings off before I answer and you don’t respone to emails either it’s a no win situation! Iv cried today after 5 phone calls going thro same thing and nothing got done.! I want to shut the account 

BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Stacey 


  • Sorry to hear that, I know first hand how thick some of them can be .
  • They did change the IVR system when you now ring in it asked for PIN even though we are partners
  • When you say EMAIL I'm assuming you actually mean the Extranet Inbox system.
  • The trick I found is at that point just enter the Reservation Number followed by #
  • or your PartnerID.
  • If you still want to 'End My Partnership' .
  • What exactly was the query in case I might be able to shed some light on it ?


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