IBAN number

I'm trying to create an account on booking but at the last step of the account creation they ask me to enter my IBAN but I can't find anywhere the place to put it...

Can someone help me please?!

Emilie Moura 4 years ago

Thanks Barry for your answer. The thing is... I can't get to my finance menu since my account is not created yet.


At the end of the 7 steps of account creation, the last one being "paiement", I answer all the questions and info and when I try to end the process they ask me my IBAN and to autorize booking to take the money directly out of my account... but there's nowhere I can enter my IBAN before..

Acushla54 4 years ago

Different browser often helps. Good luck

Igor Jevtic 2 years ago

I want to pay with an Online VISA card. I don't have that option to pay on invoices at all.