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How can I remove "instant booking" ?

Shelley Barnett 11 months ago

Property --> Policies --> scroll down and on the right side - "How you receive bookings" click edit --> change and save

Marine Hegedus 11 months ago

Ok, I don't have "How you receive bookings". I guess they changed this option for new flats .... Thank you for your answer.

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Didem - Commun… 11 months ago


Hi Marine Hegedus,


Thank you for asking this!


I'd like to share some information you might find helpful.


When a guest books your property on our platform, their reservation is confirmed immediately – there’s no way to reject a reservation. 


However, you can set up your property to only accept reservations from bookers with a verified phone number and/or home address.


How to set up guest requirements

To give you more control over who can make bookings at your property, you can add additional guest requirements in the extranet by following a few simple steps. 

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Under the Property tab, click on Policies
  3. Click on Edit under Guest information to select whether a guest needs to provide a phone number or home address in order to book
  4. Finalise your changes by clicking Save 


Other guest requirements

We also have other restrictions in place to prevent fraudulent bookings. Travellers must provide a valid email address and depending on how they pay, also their credit card information. For guests who’ve previously booked accommodation on our platform, they must also have a good track record, for example have no reports against them or be banned from any properties.


I hope this helps a bit! If I can help with anything else, please feel free to tag me here. Have a great day! 

Marine Hegedus 11 months ago

Hi @Didem, Thanks for your answer, what I don't understand is that I have another flat on Booking (since several month) and I have removed this option.

So is it not possible only for the new flats ?