Invalid ical url for airbnb (works with homeaway)


I'm trying to sync the booking.com calendar importing the airbnb icsn calendar url.

The same action worked with the homeaway ics URL, but with the airbnb link booking says that the url is not valid. I tried to open it in the browser and I'm able to download the calendar file... so what's wrong?

Thanks in advance


Lorenzo Allori 4 years ago

Same problem here.. I have to do it by hand which is pretty long and complicated.

Can someone help please?

Noormanwestkapelle 4 years ago

Same problem to us.

This has already lead us into overbookings, and you get an angry employee from Booking on the phone. And WE have to find an alternative stay foor the double bookers!!!

Every day impossible to sync my Airbnb calender to Booking.com.

Becoming desperate about it.

Village Apartment 4 years ago

Was your issue with airbnb syncing fixed? I have been on the phone on and off all day and not getting anywhere with booking.com. They are just fobbing me off. Asked for supervisor and their answer was " we don't have one" …..so frustrating with double bookings , at my wits end. The final word from the operator on the other end of the phone was..... " we have a bug in our system and I cant help you" and she hung up?

Lorenzo Allori 4 years ago

Actually my problem has been fixed.

This is how it worked:

- I was getting the syncyng error all the time and I still get it.

- But my calendar is actually sincronized.

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Boris Demchenko 4 years ago

Got problem with sync.What is the phone number for booking.com?

Lucky Tuna
3 years ago

Are you satisfied with the speed of that sync ?