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How do i get the 6-digit code whereas I'm not physically present on the listing i made?

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Drs.Manny&Pie … 5 years ago

I just joined

Can i receive the 6-digit code in some other ways than snail mail?

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Apartment Jolie 5 years ago

Dear can recieve via MAIL SMS. or VOICE CALL...

When you recieve your 6 digit code, simply tipe it and that is it


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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there!

This chain is a a tad old but I can definitely advise you on this as I've got several properties listed and have been in constant communication with BDC regarding getting them verified.

When you log onto the Extranet and you are on the Home page of your property, where you can type in the code, that's where you will find a button that says "I don't have access to the property.".

The moment you click on that someone from will be appointed to assist you. It does take quite a while, but they will chat to you about options. Either they can verify the property using a Video Call with someone at the property. Or you can get it verified if you have the property loaded on (for instance) Airbnb and you have 10 reviews.

Hope this helps!