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I am wanting to list my house as a full housdo ite let, as well as individual rooms, how do I 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Hazelhead Guest House


Welcome , you are only addressing fellow partners and not direct BdC Support team.


The simple answer is without having two different listings you cant really.

Its typically one or the other.

Even if you listed one type  here and another on another OTA, you would have to manually block and manage them as bookings appear.


That in itself introduces more stress and work.


However if you consider the ability to first book one room and then as someone is searching for x number of guests, they could simply book all rooms and therefore its one unit.


Now you might then want to consider discounting that then to make it more attractive to someone potentially booking all rooms.

I cant remember at this moment how you would do that.

Some food for thought.




PS: you marked the topic as 'mr ' instead of ' How can I list as a house and individual rooms'  . Curious to understand what you think 'MR' means or the context you were going for ??




Kind regards


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