Listed on Booking.com But Getting No Bookings Yet

HI, after using Airbnb for 6 years we decided to also list on Booking.com  However even though our prices are very comparable we are not getting any bookings to speak of.  Does anyone have advice on how to get things rolling with bookings.com?  Do I need to change some settings.  Lower price to get initial reviews?  ...  Any advice would be greatly appreciated?



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Jarratt - Acco… 2 years ago

Hi Guy, welcome and all the best for future success on the Booking.com platform.

Within the Extranet, I would recommend looking at the Opportunity Centre, under the Opportunity tab which will analyse your property performance and highlight specific recommendations to increase your performance and capture more business via Booking.com. 

It is important to consider restrictions and cancellation policies alongside pricing. On the home tab in the extranet, you may have access to a data view which will highlight recent booking trends (book window, length of stay, popular cancellation policies, which devices are used for bookings, and more). If not, there are various reports under the Analytics tab which also break down this information. This should feed into considerations for how you are advertising the property for sale on Booking.com.

The Partner Hub is a great resource to stay up to date on current bookings trends and how to focus on strong performance with Booking.com. If you sign in, there are also personalised recommendations for increasing your performance on Booking.com. 

Once again all the best.  

Guy Pilkinton 2 years ago

Thanks for your response Jarratt, I've just changed my properties to Flex 1 day. I'll look at some other options if that doesn't get things rolling.