Hello, I have just listed my property, but I cant find it on booking.com, even though it says the listing is on the website and good to go


DO I need to wait for th 6 digit code to come in first before I start seeing it? 


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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Hey Mihail Matikov,

Congrats on listing your property!

There are many things that need to happen before your property goes live on the website. Browse through some of the posts on the Just Joined section of the partner forum, there are a lot of posts that are super detailed.

But I suggest checking on your Home page on the extranet, if there is a box at the top that says you are not live yet and a box asking for the verification code then you won't appear on the searches. If you have already gone live, then you need to do some research as to how to get your property to be higher up on the list when searched. 

Best of luck!