Listing my B&B bedrooms individually and also renting/listing the house as a whole unit

I have a 5/6 bed B&B home.

I want to be able to rent the rooms separately but I also want to list the house as a whole to rent the entire property as a 6 bed holiday home.

I have successfully listed all the bedrooms but am stuck now as to how to list the entire house. 

Any ideas how can I set this up?  Also I will need to link the calendars so that I don't get double bookings. i.e. if a bedroom gets booked then the house as a whole is no longer available.

Many thanks in advance for any help. 

Also, is there no Booking.com chat room/customer help line/email to contact directly with Booking.com staff? Are we reliant on advice from other members?  No offence meant but just seems strange that I can't find anywhere to get help other than from the Booking.com community.

THanks once more for your time on this one :) 

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Don Burns 3 years ago

My wife and I rent our house's downstairs suite's two bedrooms separately.  We live fulltime on the upper main-floor.


I think you will need to re-list your whole-house property rental on another Booking,com reservation webpage.  But be careful, you don't double-book your bedrooms this way.


If you are renting your entire house (and don't live onsite), you can also list your property on VRBO and Trivago.


P.S.:  You can always telephone Booking,com partner/host service, who can help you directly.

Louise Hutton 3 years ago

Thanks for the advice Don, much appreciated. 

I have managed to add the house now as a 'Holiday Home' under the same listing and add all 6 bedrooms. When the house is rented as a whole I will be moving out but just down the road so that guests have the space to themselves. 

I have also discovered where to send Booking.com and email so I have asked the question about syncing the calendars of the house with the bedrooms to avoid double bookings and hope to get a response sometime soon. 

Many thanks again


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Community Admin 3 years ago

Dear Louise Hutton! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Unfortunately, it is not possible to list property as a whole unit and separate rooms at the same time, as it is not possible to sync calendars withing the system. If you open calendars for rooms and a whole unit at the same time, it may lead to overbookings, as guests might choose to book both at the same time. 


You can reach out to Channel Manager and check whether they can assist you to arrange this type of synchronization. But, until then, we would advice you to choose to rent one type of property.


Best regards.