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Hi there, 

I have a few questions but I can't find where to ask them, maybe on here someone can help.  I have set up our listing on booking.com and when I put in certain parameters my listing does show on my computer.  However when I try on my mobile phone with the same parameters it doesn't show at all. 

I set up the listing about 3 days ago now and zero interest.  I think its because people can't see it, also of course Covid is a problem I know as the property is in Spain.  

My other question is that when I try to go in to my account my only way in is to go to a certain email booking. com sent me a few days ago saying that my listing is now live.  Each time I have to go and find that email so that I can access.  There must be an easier way.


Any help at all would be so gratefully received.





BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Tracey Ashley


  1. Accessing The Extranet Anywhere
    1. memorize https://admin.booking.com
  2. BdC pulse app

    Not everything syncs in real time.

    Pulse on android :
    Open App, bottom right, tap the three dots more.
    Other Menu opens
    Property Details menu , tap it.
    Now your Property is listed, tap to open.



Kind Regards


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