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Hello Booking.com

I want to ask about the unique code that booking.com will sent to us by mail.

So, our resort is located on an remote island, is it ok that I already input the island address?

Because we also have a representative office in another city.

My question is, will we still get the unique code even if the address is on an island?

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Mikael, 


You better call the admin team of BdotC  or contact via Inbox on the extranet. 

They can help you further, and give you advice what is best in your case. 


Hope this helps, 



Aaltje B. 

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hello Mikael Albert! Thank you for your post in the Community! Normally the letter should reach your property even if it is in a remote area. The letter cannot be delivered to a different address other than the one of the property. If you have not received your letter after 25 days, please send us a message via your Extranet. Best of luck!