Location verification code

Hello. I have a problem. I haven't received my location verification code. 25 days have passed.

My apartament ic called "Strefa Malbec", number ***. I generated new request, but 25 new

days is too long period. Can you help me ?


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Piotr Wróbel


Welcome to Partner Community, NOT BdC support nor Finance team.


Please remove the number.


This is typical scenario, 25 days can be nothing and due to the overwhelming amount of calls BdC will be getting. 


It is better to enquire via their Support Message inbox.


Extranet > Inbox > Booking Messages, click on button on right to reveal, then click button to message.


Please be patient for now and hope fully after a few days they respond.



Kind Regards.


Phil Higley 3 years ago

I personally am struggling to see why this extreme procedure is necessary. If it's to prove that we are legitimate owners of the property we wish to advertise on Bookings.com what is more convincing than a recent utility bill displaying the property address along with the owners name ? I too am experiencing problems with this stage of advertising on Bookings.com. Our apartment in Cyprus will remain empty for the forseeable future ( due to the Corona virus ) so there will be no way i will have  access to this code. Thevpoatal service in Cyprus is hit and miss at best anyway. It's a terrible shame really because i do feel that both Bookings.com and myself would benefit from advertising our apartment on their website but i fear it might not be possible because of what i can only describe as a stupid requirement. I will do my best to get out advert live but i do think this might not be possible. I have been informed that the only othet option would be to arrange a 'Video call' which would mean i would have to take the call in person inside the apartment. This is highly unlikely due to the fact tbat all flights into Cyprus are banned at the moment and also would i want to spend x amounts of pounds simply for a flight in order to receive a video call.?

Regards Phil.