Looks like there’s something wrong with the pin on the map. Double-check it and try again.

Hi, I have trying a million times to publish my listing but my patience is running out as I kept on receiving the error above. I have done all the tips listed here but nothing is working. The isnt an INBOX button in my extranet account.

Please help as soon as possible.

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Jarred - Commu… 1 year ago

Hi Ralf,

I'm sorry to hear you are having some troubles.

I would suggest reaching out to the team via a phone call so they can try and assist you.

Booking.com published a list of publicly available support numbers per country on the page I have linked to below, so if for any reason you can't access the extranet or don't have access to the Inbox tab, you will find a list of public support number numbers listed here on the Partner Hub. - https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/support-contact/contact/where-you-can-reach-us

I hope that helps.

Louis Bonzon 10 months ago

Hi, I do have the same problem and I have been trying since the end of January with no success, I have even tried to call to UK number provided but they need some kind of code verification first which I have no idea where I get. 

My property is open since the end of January and I already get customers from Airbnb but this booking.com has been a big problem for me 
I have probably read all articles and writing on their site. 

 This is my problem----looks like there’s something wrong with the pin on the map.
Double-check it and try again.

please let me know if you manage to solve the problem and how did you magically do it? :)

Louis Bonzon
Tanga Pangani Ushongo 

JC Space Rentals 2 months ago

Hi, did you fix the issue?  I am experiencing same problem.