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Help I just got the pop up that Booking.com is sending a confirmation letter to our place we are going to rent out with a pin # for confirmation, it is an international location & we do not receive mail there, everything goes to the local PO not the house.  Now what? we don't live there full time it is a vacation rental.  Nowhere did they allow for documented proof of ownership nor did they have a spot for a mailing address. 

Phil Higley 4 years ago

I think quite a few people are in this very same situation. Personally i can't see the reasoning for this extreme measure. I am in the same situation and have even e-mailed a recent utility bill for the property ( which i have e-mailed to my home address from Cyprus ) which clearly states date- address- my details but apparently this is in sufficient proof.

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hello Thomas Clair and Phil Higley! Thank you for posting in the Community! The location verification of a property is obligatory for all partners. Please read the information provided in the link below:


In addition, this link provides further guidelines:


Best of luck!