making listings unavailable


Can you please help me to make all the listings unavailable, until I figure out how this is working.

I am techically very literate, I have airbnb that works flowless but I find your website a huge mess.

Sorry but I literally cant do anything here, it is all really complicated and nothing works and it didnt help me improve my bussines but just oposite.

I hope to receive help. It is very urgent.

Thank you

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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

If you want to close down permanently search on Help for 'end partnership' but I think you should give it a chance.  The booking.com website offers a lot more functionality than airbnb but does work in an entirely different way.  If you just want to close temporary go into Rates and Availability, Calendar, List view and then do a bulk edit to close for specific dates.  This is the partner forum so not the booking.com help team so unbiased view.