I have recently started up my account. I’ve registered and started receiving bookings. So far so good. But now other guests are calling me that I haven’t received booking information about. Turns out there’s a listing with a very similar name as mine and at the exact same address with pictures from my listing. My phone number appears when wanting to contact this other listing but the problem is that it isn’t me who has created this other listing. So either booking.com has made a mistake or someone else has created a listing similar to mine and is getting the booking information and gets the money that the guest pay. 

I have been trying to get help from booking.com but with no success. No I’ve been forced to close down my own listing do to double bookings. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Marianne


  1. I have been trying to get help from booking.com but with no success/

    What exactly have you tried?

    Did you send them the fake listing URL?
    Did you actually phone them too and ask for a supervisor to escalade this to ?

  2. Closed down own listing/

    I would screen capture my own listing with URL show on top for first part.
    Then in particular do same for each of own photos.

    Now do same for the fake listing.
    Zip archive each for reference later.


I wouldn't close own listing at this point I would change the name slightly; add a text over photo version of the original photos being used by them with warring  on top.


Update The Fine Print Area  with warning and explaining .

I would not let up on BdC to sort this mess out, but i also wouldn't just sit back and not get  guests in either. I would do everything I could to distingush my listing away from theirs.


Please reply with both your listing URL and theirs here and make sure you add your to  your Partner Profile like i have mine done.

How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


Kind Regards




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