More guests than in reservation

It looks like our guest decided to save some money (maybe 20 euros or so), and booked a holiday villa for 2 persons, but instead 4 arrived. Our villa is managed by someone else, and they reported this after this guest had left. Problem is that during COVID-19, we have strict cleaning policy, and for example towels & bed linen are included in the reservation price. Now we're not sure, if this guest even brought bed linen with them.

What do you do, in cases like this? 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Jani


I have just read this multiple times, and really not seeing anything that needs t obe addressed.


i.e. you are making it an issue when it is not really, in the grand scheme of things.


Typically a villa is listed as a whole unit and cost X per night.

Based on actual beds can accommodate X people.


Now having said that , theres noreason you can have someone sleep on couch for example.


So having 4 people and not 2, is hardly a large group, and is also under the typical indoor covid19 policy in most countries for people meeting and staying together.


I dont see what this has to do with cleaning the Villa, you will clean the villa regardless of how many used it.

People are more likely to bring towels than bed clothes.



Why are you asking  did the guests bring bed linen, how is that something you need to be thinking about? 


This just seems weird what you are focusing on. or maybe its getting lost in translation is all I can think of.


In my opinion there is nothing to action here.




Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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Jani U. 3 years ago

Hi Brookave, 

Thanks for your response. Not really sure, why you take such a biased stance? Nothing lost in translation, you got the issue correct. To clarify still, we provide the clean towels and bed linen based on the number of guests. Thus they do not need to bring any. Just like going to a hotel, except it's a villa. 

What really bothers me, is that this is cheating (in Finland we don't like that in general, and I have noticed the same in many other countries I travelled as well so nothing cultural probably).

The bed linen etc. need to be used also for hygienic purposes, but also in order to "protect" our sofas and beds. We also want to guarantee our next guests, that the bed linen has been used. Now we can't really say for sure, but only do guessing. 

So neeext suggestion, please! :-D

BrookAve 3 years ago


eh?  how am i biased?


I'm a realist, being practical etc and not over thinking it too much, and just getting on with it.


Like I said simply forgive and forget and move on, it serves no positive purpose to dwell on it.


Its so not cheating, lol, that is not a thing.

Unless you make it a thing yourself.


unused bed linen really? come on, your overthinking again.


want to guarantee our next guests, that the bed linen has been used. Now we can't really say for sure, but only do guessing.


what on earth are you doing this for?  just clean and change the bed clothes after  the place is used  ***




Kind Regards.













Jani U. 3 years ago

Thanks for your insight!

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Jani Uusihannu. 

Welcome to the help site. 

I haven't replied for a while but this question needs some additional answering. 

I think it is best to charge for the total amount of beds in your case, no matter how many stay. If you are not seeing who comes into your guesthouse especially. But a question for you:

How big is your property and how is it set up? With one shared shower, or every room has their own ensuite.(every bedroom has its own shower and toilet - like in a motel or hotel)

These are all factors that help us get a clear answer for your question. 

I am very passionate about hosting and it is so important to make hosting a pleasant experience for both host and guest. 

Now with the new covid restrictions and challenges we all are confronted with changes and yes, the cleaning protocol is strict. We say in New Zealand, we need more elbow grease! 

Do you expect a lot of groups coming with four people at once?

Are you in touch with agencies that send people through to you? (Like an information centre, or conference centre, people you can trust?

Are you living in a city or rural, meaning outside in the country?

Could you close off rooms when not in use maybe? All depending on your set up or lay-out. 

OK, and yes, adding your listing to your profile will help co-hosts to see what your property looks like.


Nice to hear from you Jani.

My brother lives in Finland :)

I am looking forward to your answer, 




Aaltje B.