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Hi, We're stuck with a problem and require your help. We appear to have two accounts on, both registered with the same email address. The email address is *** We have successfully registered a property with the property ID ***. 

The second account, which we would like removed asap is getting in the way of logging in to, it repeatedly says 'this account has no password' and appears broken. Its very confusing. The property which appears to be under this second and broken account has the ID *** and both the account and the property need to be removed. I cannot find out how to do this myself so require your help.

Just to be clear, we wish to continue using the site for the property with the ID *** and we have a booking already which is great. However the site is almost impossible to use with this second account under the same email address. Please help!



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Ray


In this case you must pickup phone and contact your support team.


Note this is not a direct line to support team.



Please see below for contact options.






Kind Regards



Consider linking your Property link into your partner profile as it helps other partners assist you, especially when starting out .


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For more general info you can contact one of our main lines for help.


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