My booking.com listings are 98% complete but my verification code never arrived in the mail

My booking.com listings are 98% complete but my verification codes never arrived. I have people on site and even have the post office watching for them now. Until I receive the necessary codes I can't go live. The codes were supposed to arrive by today. What should I do? Thank you for your help in this matter.

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Heya Sandra,

Welcome to the Forum and congrats on loading your property.

Sometimes the code takes up to 15 days to reach you, might also be a bit late. But you can follow up whether or not it has been sent by phoning Partner Services (the number will be next to your messages under Inbox). 

Or, you can go to Home and click on "I have not received my code yet" and select "I'm not at the property" so that they phone you to find alternative ways of verifying your property. Just keep in mind that that will come with restrictions if you do it that way.

Keep well and best of luck!

Sandra Gesang 4 years ago

Thank you.  It looks like I'll just need to wait a couple more weeks. Sandy

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Hannes Hassler 4 years ago

The same with me. The code was supposed to arrive last week, but the letter never came. When I said (or rather clicked) in this form that I did not get the code, it simply extended it another three weeks, saying booking.com would send me another code. I am afraid that I will not get a code at the new date either, since the old letter was not even late but apparently never sent or lost.