My Hotel adress is somewhat difficult to find even in Google Maps

My name is Mariana Tuma. Exactly 25 days ago I subscribed as a partner hotel, and I realized the following:  the actual front gate of the hotel does match with a street in my city, but does not match with a number. This is because the adress I usually give 3rd parties is on the other side of the property. It is a back door. It is actually another street. I don´t even get mails or anything at the front entrance. So what I did was I "calculated" the number. As it is a short 150 mts street, I figured "Caciques yasu 100" (or in english notation: 100, Caciques Yasu St.)

I didn´t check the pin in the Booking´s map at the time. That was my mistake. 

I decided to place an add at the gate. A Paper with the adress on it. It seems it didn´t work. Probably the mail service didn´t get here yet. But anyway: I don´t have the letter in my hands.

Can anyone help me? 

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Jarred - Commu… 1 year ago

Hi Mariana,

Thank you for reaching out.

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles getting your new property verified. The available options to verify new properties differs by country, have you asked the support team for alternative options, if you are unable to receive a verification code? The partner support team are the best point of contact to manage this.

I hope that helps.

James Cassidy 1 year ago

Do You have contact details for the partner support team. 

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Account Adviso… 1 year ago


You can find the best customer service number by going into the Extranet and clicking > Inbox > Booking.com Messages > See Contact Options > Choose the Best Topic > Then you can click: Still Need Help? See all contact options for the best phone number.