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my listing is closed

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well.

I have created a new listing in my account and when I tried to verify if it is online, the calendar shows me that it isn't.

How can I request the support of Booking in this matter?

Everything is ok, my pictures, my status, etc, but nothing.

Thank you so much for your insights. 


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Marzena Lasocka Gios 1 year ago

Dear Melanie, 

I hope you are doing well.

I checked the registers: ID 8857783 and 8998142 and both are open bookable.

I hope this will be helpful to you! Will you let me know if I can help further? Thank you!

Best regards

Marzena -



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Melanie Caringal 1 year ago

Dear Marzena,

Many thanks for your message!

Yes, I saw them too.