My property not bookable showing

Hai sir/madam

My property not bookable showing. Why I was completed everything. Then y showing like this. Give me solution. 


Contact number 9351251441

BrookAve 3 years ago




This is partners forum and not direct line to BdC support team. That means they will never see this and never call you . You must call them .

If you have not already done so please read the Getting started guides in Partner Help up top of this page.


https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/first-steps&nbsp; < read it all

Why is my property not live and bookable by guests?

If your property is not live and bookable on our website yet, it may be because we still need to verify the location of your property.

If you’ve recently signed up to Booking.com, use your login details to check your sign-up status in the Hometab of your extranet.

If you’re already working with Booking.com, check these tips to see what you need to do to get your property online and bookable:

  1. Have you added your rates and availability? If there are no prices and dates loaded, customers won’t be able to see your property on the website. You can check these details in the extranet’s ‘Rates & Availability’ tab. For more info, read our step-by-step visual guide for updating your availability.
  2. If you can’t see your property in Booking.com search results, check your minimum length of stay restrictions and then try searching again.
  3. Have you uploaded photos to your page? We can’t show properties online without a selection of quality images.

You can read more about photos here: ‘How to take better photos of your property?’ and ‘How do I add, change and update my photos?

  1. Make sure you don’t have any outstanding invoices from Booking.com. This information can be found under the Financetab.

If your property is still not bookable or visible after you’ve checked this information, let us know via the ‘Inbox’ tab.

Susan McGarry 3 years ago

how am I supposed to contact booking.com?? this whole experience has been truly awful and now my property is "no longer bookable" terrible customer service.....sorry non-existent customer service!!!!

Kevin McCarty 10 months ago


I really agree, they are horrible.  My house is listed in Colombia, listed on VRBO, Airbnb and now this hassle.  

  • booking cannot find the address and they said we'll send a letter... OMG,  the house is empty 50 percent of the time as I am in the USA
  • unable to link booking to my channel manager (IGMS)
  • unable to take the property currency from local country to USD
  • condescending help desk 
  • I lost 5 nights on a booking due to no messaging but all contacts are in my profile
  • logging into the booking site defaults to a guest booking, not hosting - seems they need to get their act together and look at how airbnb and vrbo processes work
  • disgusted at the amount of time wasted
  • eff them