Need Advice on how to Proceed with Refunded Reservation

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the long post. I currently help manage my family's apartment property in Costa Rica. We've been using Airbnb for the past year and just joined booking a few days ago. We had our first reservation and unfortunately it did not go well. The reservation was made by a minor (17 year old) who said she was coming with a friend and two uncles. The minor showed up to the property with her friend and said her uncles would be arriving shortly. We reminded her that we did not accept reservations from minors and that an adult needed to be present. She paid in cash and we waited for her uncles to show up (this is the only form of payment we can receive at the moment). When her "uncles" showed up, they refused to show ID's and also looked too young to be her uncles. We told them that we could not let them stay as they were minors and proceeded to refund the cash and they left.

My question now is that I don't know how to proceed, as the booking platform does not show me the option to cancel the reservation anymore (this happened yesterday). It only gives me the option to "report as no show" or "report misconduct". Also, how should I mark the payment status since we refunded the cash?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hey there,

Thanks for the post.

You need to mark them as No Show, so that Booking.com is made aware that the guest did not pay. If Booking.com thinks you received payment, they will charge you commission. 

If I were you I would also report guest misconduct and just advise that the guest was not of age and therefore you could not accept the booking. Make sure under Property-> Policies, you specify a age restriction.

Best of luck