New to booking.com

Hi I have just listed my property and when I view the listing it says it’s not available to book. Which is fine, I haven’t completed all the steps yet. So how has someone managed to book my property for 1 night? I can’t find a number to speak to anyone at booking.com and am concerned that this is a mistake or a blip as I only accept 2 night bookings also. 

BrookAve 1 year ago



  • oh make sure you set all rooms to closed in case someone sees it and books before you are ready.
  • its under the first menu in extranet - open close rooms.
  • ope nthe first reservation details and message them to change their dates or they must click cancel as you are not open yet.
  • this is a common occurance for new partners
  • mae sure the rate plan used has # nights set to 2.
  • now open calendar - list view and expand each room type, and lookat the min length of stay values to make sure they are all 2 or >
  • if not update manually or use the bulk edit tool