New member stuck at "You're nearly there, laying out your living room"

Hi all,

Today I signed up to booking.com and created the listing for my apartment.

I completed all the steps as follows

1) apartment name

2) apartment address

3) Pin the location of your property

4) Property details

5) What can guests use at your place?

6) add some photos , I import from AirBNB 

7) Selec payment options etc

8) Availability

9) review all the details

10) "That’s it! You’ve done everything you need to before your first guest stays." --select to have read the t&c etc, click on "Open for bookings"


then I get a blue Booking.com screen which just stays there saying "You're nearly there, laying out your living room".  It just sits there. I have now done the above process four (4) times, with the same result each time. 


the URL at this point is https://join.booking.com/become-a-host/agreement.html?token=3d49c496ae5550c481b357a94698b5505d8a95ff&lang=en&waypoint_id=126481656&unit_id=854953164

Does anyone here know what might be wrong and how I can proceed further than this page?





Chad Crnkovich 3 years ago

I had the same problem. The issue seems to be the airbnb pictures importing. You need to add one of your own for it to continue. The airbnb pictures do not import properly, but at least the listing gets created.

Tin Do 11 months ago

Hi, I'm also encountering this issue. Can you help me out