New, nothing works

First, I have an extranet account, but not a regular account.  Is that right, I need two accounts?  The Topic choices don't know that.  I joined as a host, but not (it seems) as a guest.  Seems like bad design to me.

Second, I have an email that says My listing is active, but if I search, my listing does not exist.

Third, I got a page that shows my BnB but totally booked out with a red banner but all the dates are green and I can't book.

Fourth, I am on Airbnb and tried to link calendars and after 24 hours of waiting for help, I bypassed it.  I need to fix it.

It may be related to a crytic message I got, "need to verify we mailed you a code".  Good luck getting post delivered in South Africa.  No one here uses the Post Office.

BrookAve 4 years ago

1. No you dont need two but useful to have same password and email for both.


2. No need to search just use the property link top right of extranet.

Then check calendar list view

3.check your calendar list view for inventory,  minimum nights is 2 or more, check expanded rate plan views etc


4. Nothing to fix it never auto syncs in real time, so dont expect it to, sync manually or manually block dates vice versa 

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hope by now, everything has been solved....