New owners of existing property - unable to contact previous owners


I have purchased a property which we want to place onto BDC.

However, when I enter the details, I am told it is a duplicate and was previously registered in 2017 by prior owners.

Speaking to support via telephone they said that there is nothing that can be done and I must have access to the previous email address. This is not possible as I have no way to contact the previous owners.

I would like a resolution so that I can now use the BDC with the property and display it as I am on other channels.

There must be a solution to change of ownership if we have available documentation to state I am the legal owner.

BrookAve 3 years ago

wow that support advisor should get a severe telling off for not using their brain .


The simplest method for them to provide ownership is to post a letter out with a code ./facepalm ... this is just outstandingly stupidly simple to do.


And yes emailing them copy of photo of house insurance and a government issues photo id is more than enough.


I would ring them back, ask to speak to a senior advisor or escalation manager. and get a case reference number.