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New partner series:’s messaging tools – take 2

Hi everyone, 

As communicating with guests is very important, we continue this series by discovering more about setting up and scheduling message templates and automatic replies. 

     1. Guest message templates

You can schedule these messages to be sent in key moments such as on the day of arrival or one day before departure.

For example, on the day of arrival, your message can be: ‘Enjoy your stay! If you need anything at all, we’re here and happy to help — feel free to ping us’. Likewise, one day before departure, you could say: ‘Was everything to your satisfaction? We’re eager to create great experiences for our guests and would love it if you leave a review’. 

There are many benefits to sending your guests these messages:

  • They create a connection between you and your guests, improving their experience and even leading to loyalty.
  • They help reduce your daily operational workload.
  • They inform your guests on what your property offers or does not offer, your house rules, which all contribute to managing guest expectations.

      2. Automatic replies

You can set up automatic replies to answer common guest questions such as ‘what is the check-out time?’ or ‘how does it work with parking?’.

For example, your response could reject the request because your policy doesn’t allow it or you could accept the request as it is within your policy. 

You can find more information on how to set up message templates and automatic replies here.

I’m sure you’ll come up with more message and reply ideas! 

Which of your guest messages or automatic replies received the most positive reactions from your guests?

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