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New partner series: fundamentals of good communication with guests

Hi everyone,

Communicating with your guests through sharing information that is relevant to them plays a big role in building trust. In particular for your refundable reservations, building rapport can reduce cancellation rates by helping your guests feel confident in their decision to book your property.

Especially if you are a new partner, it helps to look at communication through a simple framework. You can expect your guests to primarily want you to reach out to them during these three phases of their journey:

Before they arrive

  • Reservation confirmations
  • Local attractions
  • Check-in instructions
  • Welcome messages

During their stay

  • In person greetings
  • Your local tips
  • Amenities and facilities
  • Services and instructions

And after they check out

  • Thank you messages
  • Feedback requests

On you have a variety of tools to both prepare as well as automate your messages, both on the extranet as well as on the Pulse app. The key is finding the right mix between reaching out to your guests while not overwhelming them.

Does anyone have other tips?

In the next series of our onboarding posts we will talk about these tools designed to make your daily communications easier, so stay tuned!

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