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New partner series: how to benefit the most from the Opportunity Centre

Hi everyone,

I recently shared a few things on how to optimise your business, but there are more opportunities you can harness if you take a look at the Opportunity Centre on your extranet.

This tool analyses your property’s performance in all stages of your guest’s journey — from search to stay. Then it compares your property’s performance with similar properties in your area. This helps you gain knowledge on your areas of improvement — such as ranking, conversion, page views, availability, length of stay, average daily rate, cancellations and reducing workload — so that you continue doing well and stay competitive. 

Here's a snapshot of what you can find in the Opportunity Centre:

   1. Check whether you’re eligible for programmes such as the Genius or Preferred Partner programme

   2. Find out what the most impactful opportunities are for your property listing on

   3. Discover suggestions specific to your property based on your property type, location and performance data.

   4. Prioritise and implement opportunities which are best aligned with your property’s needs and aspirations.

   5. Experiment with new promotions, programmes and products until you know which strategy works best for you.

This guide includes the practical steps on how to implement advice in the Opportunity Centre.

Have you implemented advice from the Opportunity Centre? Have you seen positive results? I’m eager to learn from you!

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