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New partner series: how your reply score helps you

Hi everyone,

To continue our series on communicating with guests, maybe you'd like to know more about the Reply Score. This is calculated for you in particular and you can see it on the Reservation messages page of your extranet Inbox tab.

Your Reply Score is calculated based on how quickly and consistently you respond to messages your guests send you. It goes from 0% to 100%, where the higher the better.

This is an important indicator:

  • Firstly because it’s in our nature to prefer swift communication when we have a question or request.
  • Secondly because through replying quickly and consistently you build trust with your guests, which reduces the likelihood of unwanted cancellations (for example from a family which is unsure if you offer parking facilities and needs to know this as soon as possible to plan their holiday).
  • Thirdly and importantly, because having a high Reply Score improves overall ranking on

You can learn more about your reply score here

My tip would be to always show your authenticity and care when it comes to contacting your guests! What’s your tip?

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Ирена Христова 2 months ago

We have been registered with Booking for 1 month and still have no booking for summer 2024. Are there any errors or is it too early to expect guests to book for summer? If you can help me with advice, I would be grateful!

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Didem - Commun… 1 month ago


Hi @Ирена Христова,


Happy to have you in the Partner Community! And thank you for your question!


Let's make sure that your property is visible. I'd like to share a few posts with you which can be helpful. Would you like to take a look at these?


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M Adamopoulou 2 months ago

Hi Didem and thanks for reminding us how important is the reply score.


I always try to reply to my guests on the spot and my reply score since I joined is 100%.



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Didem - Commun… 1 month ago


Hi @M Adamopoulou,


I'm happy to read that this information is helpful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It's always nice to hear from you and learn from you.