No Pet's Policy verses 28 Nights Reservation but have a pet dog!?

Hi everyone, my name is Kelvin. I'm brand squeaky new, like 1.5 weeks to hosting and I fear I may upset two lots of people here with two questions. 


Fear 1, I have a 'No pets Policy', (I'm so sorry to those who adore pets) however, my third booking which is for 28 nights is for a couple whose reservation included sanctuary for there a pet dog .. My seating area includes a leather sofa. 

Fear 2, apologies to those locally who I may have undercut to steal their 28 nights ..  


Question is; How should I best handle this situation?


Also, on a completely different subject; As an afterthought, I'm not happy to have 'my full address' (including my door number) in such a public space. Does anyone know how I can delete the door number to my listing, or is this something only Booking. Com's admin can do!?


Thanks in advance ..