Hi, I have a 2 bed apartment, it has 2 double beds and I have a fold out single bed and a travel cot available.

What should I set the max occupancy to? 4/5/6? I am doing the travel cot free as I wont be providing linen, but charging extra for the single bed as I will have to change and wash all the clothes and the extra electricity/water used.

Can you please advise the best way to set this up? I have put futon in bed1, as there is no option for fold out bed :(


Thank you




BrookAve 3 years ago


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Under property , room details you can define the room types there.

I think when its an apartment, the room details submenu is called room layout or property layout.


Each double room is one type with account of 2 ,so you can set the standard setup as double bed and occupancy for 2.


Now you can set an alternative layout to include the single folding bed.


You could also add photos of both it and the cot. 


Charging extra for the foldup bed, is a no-no, to me.

Its just wrong when this is a whole unit and not renting on a per room basis.

Your overthinking it and its not really costing you extra at all, thats a misnomer.


futon/folding etc its all the same thing.

( yank English verus real English. dont get me started , lol)








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