Occupancy pricing on non-standard rate

Hi -- Just joined in the last week or so, feeling a bit nervous as the "rules" are a bit onerous compared with how we run our business/lifestyle...but I need more bookings so here goes!!

I'm struggling to set a price matrix to match how we price elsewhere

Here's what I want to do (and how far I've got!)

We usually have minimum 7 day lets (we are a gite business in France) but out of peak season do minimum 3 day lets.  Our current structure is say for Sept £495 for 7 days, £375 for minimum 3 days, then £25/night. With a reduced occupancy discount of £150 on a week and £20/night short stay.  I have created standard rate to fix 7 days and all the relevant short stay rates BUT I can only create an occupancy discount on the standard. I do not get the option on my "short stays" -- any advice please.


Thanks in advance


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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Hello ... (seriously this forum needs to stop with the Info names and obligate everyone to choose a different name that won't duplicate),

Your solution is as follows:

1. Create a separate rate type

2. Create the timeframe (low season dates) as availability for this rate type

3. Set up all you need for this rate type

This will separate the two seasons and you can have different settings for each of them, not influencing one another.

PS: Make sure to close availability on the high season rate when the low season is applying.

Best of luck,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

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Thanks Zsolt for this great tip!

Happy posting,