opening of a hotel facility

good evening, I have a problem with the verification of my hotel property, it's been more than three months since my property is being verified, all I have is "Our support team will review your video and let you know if anything else needs to be provided" has been more than three months months, I wrote to support, but they do not give me a concrete answer when exactly I will be able to open my hotel object, "Unfortunately, address confirmation and the opening of Ukrainian apartments are temporarily suspended. This is due to the situation in the country. Now you will not be able to open this account. We are very sorry" - that's all.
But my hotel facility was open even before the events in the country, and then after some time I had to undergo verification, I made a video and everything necessary, but I still haven't received an answer. Yes, I understand that there are certain events in my country, but other hotel facilities are working, and I need to work as well, because our country needs it now.