Opening a listed property

I just created 2 listings.  Both say "closed/not bookable."  What do I do to get them going?

The first one I listed said I have to wait for a "code" being sent to the property address.  But when I log into my account, booking.com doesn't ask for anything for either property.

Also - does booking.com offer ANY phone service to property hosts?   (The way airbnb & VRBO do?)


BrookAve 4 years ago




Please see : Your first steps with Booking.com  , and my signature for contact info.





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Consider linking your Property link into your partner profile as it helps other partners assist you, especially when starting out .


How To Guide :



How To Contact Booking.com:


If  urgent,  call the dedicated phone number* found in your extranet Inboxtab.

Under Booking.com Messages,
Click on Contact us to reveal the phone number.

For more general info you can contact one of our main lines for help.


Got a specific financial question?

Call the dedicated  phone number* found in the ‘Financial Overview’ section of the ‘Finance’ tab in your extranet.

Please note that our finance team is available during business hours, Monday to Friday only.




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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Welcome to the Partner Community.

Barry gave you very good suggestion....Follow step by step and you will get there.  Dont forget a beggining is always hard...

Check to see if your rooms are open and rooms are not set at 0.

Contacting booking.com to check up your listing is always a wise idea.

Wish you a great start.