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I'm just new to Booking. I started the process and discovered my Chalet was booked with out me telling how to transit the money from the renter to me! Looks like Booking did "pay on site" in that case. 

Anyway, I'm discovering. Few things I must complete/change. 

1) My bank account statement must be under the name of Fiducie Patrick Daneau. The current name seems to be the name of my add. How can I can that ?

2) I must enter the 9 digit bank info. When I try to add, it says I must create a back account first. I do not understand. I'm in Canada with Desjardins. I only see Royal Bank of Canada. How can I create a back account link for my ad ?

3) Calendar sync. I'm with to use my Airbnb Calendar has the primaty calendar. Do I need to create a sync with both Import and Export ?