OTA wrong losing bookings

Really unhappy experience so far. I did NOT import (OTA) airbnb, as we only have one property and I felt distrustful that it would work. 


However, that hasn't stopped Booking.com from NOT ONLY getting hold of the six weeks we've booked and closing them off on the Booking.com site ('CLOSED BY OTA') but also closing off - due to OTA!!!! - most of the rest of the summer. Which, sadly, is all too free!!!!

I can't understand how they can do this: either import things without my permission or - literally - put people off even looking at  whole weeks. 

Was certainly right to distrust importing calendar from airbnb, but. . . how can I challenge what Booking.com has done?

Grateful thanks for advice from a newbie!!!!

Gowan 5 years ago

This just happened to me!!! I went to block a room from Expedia and booking.com already had it blocked as OTA which I didn't authorize to my knowledge

Astmcveigh 5 years ago

Does anybody out there know how OTA is actually supposed to work? Sorry to be annoying, but, if places like Booking.com urge us to do it, it's surely up to them to ensure that we don't potentially lose by doing so?

What especially upsets me is that I doubted that it would work, and didn't import anything, did it all manually and. . . Booking.com STILL crossed off great swathes of the summer as being OTA.

I may just be stupid, but I'm pretty sure that this is NOT how it's supposed to be.

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Donna Luxford 5 years ago

Hi there. Ok, so I have Airbnb, booking.com and bookabach with just the 1 property. I have imported and exported ICAL to all. Now the only time booking.com closes off a day etc is if I have got a booking on other platform or I have a cut off time on Airbnb where no one can book past 8pm for that same day. There for on booking.com it shows as closed also. Other than that have you checked your calendar on booking.com and can then check your settings. You can re-open them all in bulk and thn make sure to save it and then keep eye on it. I would say more than likely its something you may have done on your calendar. If you havent imported OR exported the ICALs to each platform then it shouldnt be doing it, but by not importing or exporting your calendar to each platform you do run the risk of double bookings. Good luck and hope it gets sorted.